Sizing & Care Tips


Rings: To find your correct ring size, you can purchase a very inexpensive ring sizer from Amazon (recommended).

Use the String and Ruler Method: Wrap a string or thin piece of paper around the base of the finger (be sure it's the left ring finger for an engagement ring). Mark where the ends meet with a pen. Lay it flat and measure using a ruler (cm side).


Most of the women bracelets fit an average size wrist of 6.5-7 inches. Most men bracelets fit an average size wrist of 8 inches. Need adjustments? Since we are all unique in our own way, special sizing may be available for certain pieces. Please email if you would like to see if a  smaller or larger size in a particular item is available.  Additional cost may apply depending on the piece.

​When determining your wrist size, use a tape measure to get an accurate fitting around the largest part of your wrist, the tape measure should be snug, but not overly tight. 

​If you don't have access to a flexible measuring tape, use any type of string material - Wrap the material around your wrist and then measure it against a ruler (inches side).

​You may want to do this 2-3 times to ensure you have the correct measurements.

Tips on how to care for your new piece:

To keep your jewelry looking new - avoid getting lotion, oil, perfume, and water near on your jewelry; as these may cause changes in the color of the metal. Remove all jewelry before cleaning, exercising, swimming or showering. For bracelets, carefully put on/remove one at a time.  It is best if you don't put on/remove layered bracelets all at once because it may cause the elastic to weaken and break.

Most metal pieces will come with a anti-tarnish bag and polishing cloth to help prevent tarnishing.